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Go ahead and play! This isn't just a picture, it's a live, interactive GoogleMap™ created using the Google:map JSP taglibrary,
using no javascript or AJAX! Click on the markers to see what you can do. Visit our examples page for more cool maps!

Welcome to Google:maps
The JSP Taglibrary for GoogleMaps™

Chances are if you're here, you already know what GoogleMaps™ are, and you want them. Well if you're a JSP developer, then you're in the right place. Google:maps is a freeware, open-source project to provide a 100% Java front-end to the GoogleMaps™ API. No Javascript, AJAX or APIs to learn, just JSP tags. The taglibrary does all the grunt work for you, providing cross-browser and clean GoogleMaps™ output, every time.

Browse around, read the documentation, play with the example apps. If you like what you see, visit the download page and get yourself a copy. That's what we made it for... It is highly recommended that you read the Formatting Guide and view the Examples before delving into the taglibrary.

Our website is organized into the following:

That would be this page...

Here you will find TLD documentation for the tag library, javadocs of the java source code and installation instructions to get you started.

Here you'll find functional example maps accompanied alongside by the page source that created them. A map is worth a thousand words...

Here's where you get Google:maps. Download binaries, sourcecode, DTDs and documentation bundles.

Well, as much as I'd like to say all this was my great idea...truth is there's several folks who helped a great deal, and here's where I'd like to say "Thanks!".

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