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Customer Reviews & Testimonials

It's no secret that we like what we do, and we strive to be the best. We work hard to ensure that our customers get our best effort, everyday. This consistent effort has helped us to grow and be recognized as a leader in our industry. Check out what our customers have to say about LAMATEK:

"We have been using your foam tape for over a year now ... Thanks for supplying a quality product. We do appreciate you and look forward to placing our next order with you."
Ron B., LAMATEK Customer
"Thank you again for pushing this order through! I truly appreciate everything you did! LAMATEK is amazing!"
Michelle Miller, Truxedo
"Absolutely. You really helped us out of a jam!"
Eric Greco, VP; New Mat USA
"Thank you for all of the help that you have provided to [us] on this. It is a pleasure working with you ... we look forward to hearing from you soon."
Lorna, Ram Inc.
"We sincerely appreciate your patience, prompt responses to our needs and excellent service."
Randy Hoover, Rehau, Inc.
"I appreciate your good customer service, and the fact that you have what we needed ... Thank you."
Steve, Valley Industrial Products
"Thank you, your help and the rest of the gang's is greatly appreciated!"
Cindy, Salem Distributing Company, Inc.
"Seriously, appreciate it. I think you girls are great at what you do. Feeling better already!"
Maryann, Insulation Materials Corp.
"Thank you very much for working with us. This is an amazing year ... and the material we are buying is unbelievable."
Julie, Thompson IG
"Thank you for the effort and professionalism that you displayed in acquiring this tape for us. It was appreciated."
Rhonda, William Miller Cabinet Maker
"WOW!!! GREAT service you have. Thank you kindly."
Makai, Global Mold, Inc.
"Thank you guys. Foam strips came out fantastic!"
Ryan Hakimi, CH HAKIMI,INC
"Thanks again for being so easy to work with."
Sasha M. Brabec, Pella Corporation
"Thanks for the follow up. I enjoy the high level of customer service you folks give us!"
Paul Sorenson, Centor North America, Inc.
"Lamatek is one of the best vendors I have ever used. The customer service department is flawless! If there is ever a problem (such as us running out of material) lamatek is always there to help. It is a pleasure to work with lamatek and thank you for being a great supplier and making my life easier! "
Vinnie Bochiaro, Suburban Building Products
"That is great news. You guys have been great to work with. I look forward to calling my next order in. Thanks again."
Chris Hayworth, Colonial Materials, Inc.
"Perfect! You ROCK! And so does shipping! Thanks from the little guy who really appreciates you making him feel like the big guys. "
Ben, Emerald Coast Ads
"Thank you so very much. I must say that you have great customer service"
Brady Uhrich, Laird Plastics
"You are a great supplier and a valued supplier. We appreciate everything you do for Richlar."
Glenn, Richlar
"The foam tape arrived last week, and I started installing it this past weekend, [snip] it works perfectly, and is the perfect width for the jamb, no trimming needed."
Steve (End-user)
"Terri,You are awesome!"
Karl Tomecek, Time Reef, LLC.
"You guys get the blue ribbon for prompt delivery of the right goods. Ordered Wednesday morning, On door step Thursday early afternoon. Thank you very much."
Frank McCraw (End-user)
"Thank you again, its so hard to get great service as you have provided! HAVE A GOOD DAY! And thanks again."
Danny Wilson, Spinfinity, Inc.
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