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Butyl Flashing Tape

Butyl Flashing Tape

flashing (flash' - ing): Light gauge materials used to close and finish roof transitions, roof openings, window and door installations and external seams for masonry veneers.


LAMATEK's Non-Asphaltic Butyl Flashing Tape provides a moisture and vapor proof barrier around window and door installations, ensuring a watertight system. The tough film covering prevents rips and tears while the thick butyl rubber membrane flows into cracks and crevices to ensure a consistent thorough seal. It meets or exceeds AAMA's 711-05 "Voluntary Specification for Self Adhering Flashing Used for Installation of Exterior Wall Window & Door Products".

Our Butyl Flashing Tape is ideal for use as a window and door flashing tape and as a moisture barrier used in joints where stucco or other exterior masonry veneers are used. It also serves well for joint sealing in roof transitions and in exterior construction joints. Product can also be die-cut for use as a top-sealant for mulled door and window joints.

Butyl Flashing Tape works anywhere joints or spaces threaten to let water, vapor or moisture enter your home and cause damage.

The UV stable film can be applied and left exposed for up to 120 days with no UV damage, and requires no special primers to work as specified if applied within the recommended application temperatures of 35°F to 110°F.


LAMATEK's Butyl Flashing Tape is self adhering. Simply peel off the protective plastic release film and apply around the perimeter of the window or door fin. Do not stretch during application.

Our Butyl Flashing Tape not only protects the area between the exterior and nailing fin, but will also seal any nail holes, etc. that may exist, eliminating the need to caulk before installation. The product is self-sealing and will not leak if nails are placed through it. No special primers are needed to bond to plywood, concrete metal or masonry.


Butyl Flashing Tape is available in any width for custom runs (with minimum order requirements). Our standard sizes include:

Roll SizeRolls Per CaseCases Per Pallet
1-1/4" x 75'36 Rolls16
4" x 75'12 Rolls16
6" x 75'8 Rolls16


LAMATEK's butyl flashing tape is made from a non-asphaltic butyl rubber adhesive backing, covered with a conformable white polyethylene film, and provided with a white plastic release liner. Total finish thickness is 20 mil (.02"), not including the release liner.

Non-asphaltic butyl allows our flashing tape to be used with other sealing methods without chemical reactions or damage. It is compatible with other building materials.
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