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Description: A cross linked polyethylene foam coated on both sides with a high performance acrylic adhesive system developed specifically for muntin bar application and extreme environmental exposures that does not require silane/ isopropanol pre-treatment for adhesion to glass or ceramic surfaces.
MT-190: Gray, 1/32" thick, 6 lb. density polyethylene foam.
Note: Other foams available on special request.
Primary Use: Provide for long term indoor and outdoor bonding of glass, ceramics, primed, painted, aluminum and plastic muntin bars without silane enhanced isopropanol pre wash. The double-coated tape was engineered specifically resistance to air, water, detergents, moisture, light and dust penetration. Foam is also used to fill any irregularities and functionally provide cushioning, absorb vibration and shock, and allow for expansion and contraction due to temperature variations. See associated sheets for specific testing and performance data.

Liner: Available 74 lb bleached paper liner.

Tests PerformedConditionTimeMaterials
Dynamic Shear
Water Immersion
Detergent Immersion
Heat Exposure
1 Day
7 Days
10 Days
3 Days
5 Days
Failure Point
Primed Wood

Test Methods:

Peel Adhesion: PSTC #3 modified; backed with 1 mil PET.

Cleavage: The following diagram illustrates the setup of cleavage test: glass/muntin sample with a 6" long MT 290 tape sandwiched between glass and muntin bar. Muntin bars are an inch longer than the tape so there is room to hang weight. 1000 gram weights are used for 15 min dwelled samples. A 2000 gram weight is used for 72 hours dwelled samples. Test assemblies are also placed in water or Windex solution for 72 hours after they are dwelled at room temperature for 72 hours. A 500 gram weight is used for testing water immersed samples.

Lap Shear: Test specimens are setup in accord with the sketch below. The muntin bar is assembled with a 1"×1" of MT tape and dwelled at room temperature for 15 or 72 hours. In dynamic lap shear test, the glass and muntin are separated at reverse direction with a constant 2 ipm speed. The maximum force that is required to separate the sample is recorded. The static lap shear test uses a constant 1000 gram weight on the muntin. The time of muntin failure is recorded.

Static Shear: PSTC#7 modified; at 158°F.

Fogging: (performed at independent lab): seal 60 in2 MT-290 tape in a test tube, expose the tape to a constant UV source for up to 21 days at 180°F. Evaluate tape discoloration and residue at 3, 7, 14 and 21 days.

Xenon Weatherometer: (ASTM G26-96, performed at independent lab): Evaluate muntin bar/tape/glass assembly under intense xenon arc weatherometer with water spray. Evaluate adhesion at 7, 14 and 30 days exposure.

Test Results:
Dry Peel (180°)
 AluminumGlassPrimed PineVinyl
RT x 15 min.3.8 pli>6.5 pli(foam tear)Primed 1.6 pli3.0 pli
RT x 72 hrs.>6.5 pli(foam tear)>6.5 pli(foam tear)>6.5 pli(foam tear)>6.5 pli(foam tear)
120°F x 72 hrs.>6.5 pli(foam tear)>6.5 pli(foam tear)>6.5 pli(foam tear)>6.5 pli(foam tear)

Peel Retention to Glass
Days Submerged:Immediately135710
MT190 No Silane12+12+12+12+12+12+
Competitor (no silane)12+7.30.2------
Competitor (w/ silane)12+10+10+10+5.34.2
Cleavage Tests
ConditionsPainted AluminumRaw PineTreated WoodPrimed Pine
Dry10+ days10+ days10+ days10+ days
72 hrs. Water Immersion10+ days10+ days10+ days10+ days
72 hrs. Windex&trade Immersion10+ days10+ days10+ days10+ days
Dynamic Lap Shear
Bonded to glass, max load (lbs.) at failure, 1" x 1" overlap at 2 ipm separation speed, dwelled prior to testing
 Painted AluminumPrimed Wood
15 minute dwell65 lbs.74 lbs.
72 hour dwell73 lbs.79 lbs.

Static Lap Shear
Bonded to glass, days to failure, 1" x 1" overlap at 1 kg load, dwelled prior to testing
 Painted AluminumPrimed WoodTreated PinePrimed Pine
15 minute dwell3.5 days5.8 days2.1 days4.9 days
72 hour dwell7+ days7+ days7+ days7+ days
Long Term Heat Exposure
Static Shear - Creep TestStatic Shear - Holding Power
Tested at 158°F, dwelled 10 days at room temperature, 1" x 1" sample between glass and aluminum Tested at 150°F, no dwell, 1" x 1" sample with 1 kg load, exposed side/liner side
128.5 hrs.14+/14+ days
Fogging Test
Exposure Period3 days7 days14 days21 daysResidueColor ChangeFinal Evaluation
MT190no visible depositno visible depositno visible depositno visible depositnonenonepass

Weatherometer Exposure
Exposure Period7 days14 days21 days
MT190No adhesion loss; muntin bar intactNo adhesion loss; muntin bar intactNo adhesion loss; muntin bar intact

Product Features:
  • Excellent water and detergent resistance
  • No Silane/ isopropyl pre-wash required
  • Acrylic adhesive system developed for extreme environmental applications
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Excellent quick stick
  • Moderate shear strength
  • Bonds well to irregular surfaces
  • MT Series complies with AAMA 810.1-92 for Glazing

Notes: Surfaces to be bonded should be dry, clean and free from grease and oil. Commercial window cleaners are recommended. Products should not be laminated to any material that contains migrating plasticizer.

Shelf Life: One year when stored under cool, dry conditions.

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