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Setting Blocks by LAMATEK, Inc.

Setting Blocks & Shims

aka Glazing Shims


Setting blocks are installed inside the window sash, between the sash material and insulated glass unit, to protect the IG from the impact of opening and closing the sash and to provide same stress relief as vinyl windows expand and contract over varying temperature conditions. The setting blocks keep the glass from cracking, as well as serving to protect the integrity of the glazing bead.


Setting blocks work best when they are spaced and sized appropriately. A minimum of two setting blocks should be placed on each of the edges of the sash, serving to distribute weight evenly. The larger the pane of glass, the longer the setting block should be. It is also advisable to use the same gauge (thickness) of setting block on the left as you do the right, and the top as you do the bottom. If possible using the same gauge setting block on all four sides will promote even displacement and is optimal.

Setting blocks are typically installed in one of two fashions:

With Adhesive:
Setting blocks are supplied with adhesive for companies that like to install the setting blocks into the sash first, then slide the IG in place. In this application, the sash is constructed (either mechanically or welded), then the glazing tape or sealant is placed on the inward facing sash lip. The setting blocks are then peeled from their release liner and stuck to the sash wall. The IG unit is slid into place and the outside glazing strip snapped into place.

Without Adhesive:
In this setup the sash is constructed first and the glazing tape or sealant is placed on the inward facing sash lip. If using glazing tape, the liner is left on, but folded over for easy access. The IG unit is placed in the sash and the glazing shims are slid in between the glass and sash. The outside glazing strip is snapped into place and the glazing tape liner is stripped out from the other side.


LAMATEK's setting blocks can be supplied in a variety of ways. Adhesive backed setting blocks are provided in kiss-cut rolls on continuous pieces, on a 3" core-tube.

Non-adhesive backed setting blocks can be provided in either individually cut pieces, bulk packaged in cartons, or snap-cut in rolls. Snap-cutting is similar to kiss-cutting, except just a thin layer of material is left so the pieces can be snapped apart. Snap-cut pieces are provided in rolls on 3" cores.


We provide setting blocks made from either our specially formulated eco-friendly PVC or IG compatible SmartBlox™ 2.0.

LAMATEK's PVC Eco-Blocks™ setting blocks have been specifically engineered for use with adhesives and liquid sealants, to ensure that plasticizer migration (a situation where the oils used to make the plastic flexible rise to the surface and alter the chemical makeup of other plastics and rubbers it contacts) does not affect either the setting block's adhesive backing or the glazing sealant used.

SmartBlox™ 2.0 is a proprietary, 85 Durometer, elastometic material developed specifically for the Window and Door industry to be compatible with all glazing sealants as well as systems where shims may come in contact with Polyisobutylene (PIB) used in IG Spacers.

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