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EPS Packaging Corners

EPS: Expanded Polystyrene - a plastic with high strength and impact resistance, excellent electrical and thermal insulation. Widely used for packaging, injection moulding, insulation and lamination.

LAMATEK's EPS Shipping Corners are designed specifically for the protection of the nailing fin on vinyl new construction windows. The innovative design allows one piece to be used in nearly every application, including integral brick-mould and j-channel windows. Now one SKU can be used to protect every window you make. The interlocking design also allows multiple windows to be placed in a single packaging unit, perfectly spacing the windows to maximize space and prevent rubbing during transport.

Our unique design provides the Fin-tite™ groove, which firmly holds on to virtually all window fins, regardless of thickness or height. Simply snap off a LAMATEK EPS shipping corner and push it onto the nailing fin. That's it. No adhesive to leave residue on your window, and because there's no foreign adhesive, our EPS corners can be recycled if your area supports EPS recycling.

Our EPS corners are provided in joined strips of 5 pieces and can be nested to create an extremely tight shipping package, minimizing shipping costs and warehouse space requirements compared to other EPS corner designs. Available in bags of 450 pieces.

Our EPS corners are manufactured from 3 different materials to provide the protection you need, at the most economical price point:

Standard EPS
For cost sensitive applications on standard sized windows, our standard EPS provides very good one-hit protection for your nailing fin. In a hard impact the EPS takes the hit so your fin doesn't have to.

RMER Polymer
Our RMER© corner provides advanced one-hit protection for heavier window systems or extreme impact protection.

Arcel© corners provide the maximum, multiple hit protection for your window system. In applications where your window is extremely heavy (like multi-frame mull units, large picture windows or bay/bows) or in environments where repeated hit after hit protection is needed, Arcel© corners protect where other products fall short. These corners cost a little more but will take the hit time after time, leaving your fin intact. When used on the same window system, Arcel© corners can be re-used again and again.

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