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High Performance SilverTape®


LAMATEK is proud to introduce SilverTape® from AFTC USA, Inc. SilverTape® high performance industrial tape provides excellent long term holding power and is perfectly suited for both interior and exterior applications. SilverTape® offers superior high bond strength and can replace mechanical fasteners like rivets, screws, spot welds and liquid adhesives on a variety of substrates.


  • High tensile and shear strengths.
  • Moisture and solvent resistant with outstanding weathering properties.
  • Shock, vibration and noise damping properties.
  • Ease of application reduces production time and costs.
  • Create a permanent seal for dust, light and air blocking.
  • Exceptional dynamic shear properties in hot and cold temperatures.


Trucks, Trailers, Trains, Ambulances, Buses, Mobile Billboards
Refrigerators, Washers, Dryers, Stoves, Shower Doors


Recreational vehicles, Horse trailers

Highway, Traffic, Advertising, Graphics, P.O.P. Display


Cell phones, Disk drives, Shock absorber

Air conditioners


Metal buildings, Canopies, Kick plates

Metal Cabinetry, Trim Attachment, Metal Cladding
Did You Know?
Traditional mechanical fasteners produce uneven stress distribution that can be broken over time. High performance tape establishes even adherence across the entire substrate surface, providing a stronger, more durable bond. Learn more ...

Benefits & Features

Through and through adhesive makes high performance SilverTape® virtually indestructible against wind, water, high impact, shock and other environmental effects.

SilverTape® Options
Available Thicknesses:
.025" | .040" | .045"
Available Widths:
Call us for width information
Available Colors:
Black, White, Gray, Clear/Transparent

SilverTape® Technical Specs:

5310 5341/5/7 5046
Adhesive High Performance Acrylic High Performance Acrylic High Performance Acrylic
Adhesive Carrier Conformable Closed Cell Acrylic Foam Conformable Closed Cell Acrylic Foam Conformable Closed Cell Acrylic Foam
Coating: Liner Side Clear Coating 40 Direct Foam
Coating: Open Side Clear Coating 40 Direct Foam
Thickness 0.04" 0.045" 0.025"
Tolerance ± 0.004" ± 0.004" ± 0.004"
Density 56 lb/ft³ 52 lb/ft³ 55 lb/ft³
Tape Color Transparent Gray / White / Black Gray
Liner Red PE Film Red PE Film Red PE Film
Peel Adhesion
ASTM D3330
19 lb/in 22 lb/in 18 lb/in
Normal Tensile
ASTM 897
86 lb/in² 86 lb/in² 107 lb/in²
Dynamic Shear 75 lb/in² 49 lb/in² 71 lb/in²
Static Shear
ASTM 3654
65 lb/in² 77 lb/in² 97 lb/in²
Solvent Resistance Excellent Excellent Excellent
UV Resistance Excellent Excellent Excellent
ASTM 1002
  86 lb/in² 93 lb/in²
Temperature Resistance
Long Term 212 °F   320 °F
Short Term 320 °F   464 °F

  1. Substrate surfaces must be clean and dry to insure a good bond. The use of a primer to clean and properly prepare the surface is recommended before using SilverTape®.
  2. Shelf life is 1 year from date of shipment when stored between 50 and 76°F with relative humidity below 50%.
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LAMATEK is an authorized converter of AFTC USA, Inc.

LAMATEK, Inc. warrants its product to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of six (6) months beginning on the date of purchase, provided the purchaser installs and uses the products according to any instructions provided by LAMATEK, Inc.. Any product which fails during the warranty period due to a defect will be replaced.

LAMATEK, Inc. makes no other warranty, expressed or implied, and specifically disclaims or disavows any implied warranty of merchantability of fitness for a particular use.

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