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PROTEK™ Cohesive ITwrap

COHESIVE: A special engineered material that bonds only to itself.

Used to envelop products such as handles, unfastened hardware or even wrap entire windows. Lower cost option provides effective protection. Nothing's worse than shipping a box full of beautifully electroplated escutcheon plates, just to have them arrive to the customer covered in scratches and looking horrible. Protek™ ITwrap provides the protection you need to ensure your hardware looks as good installed as it does in your plant.

Simply wrap Protek™ ITwrap around your item and press the cohesive surfaces together. The cohesive will bond to itself creating a clean envelope of protection. Protek™ ITwrap can even be used to protect full windows.

Protek™ ITwrap is supplied in either continuous rolls slit to your specified width, can be provided in kiss-cut pads to your specified size supplied in rolls, or can be supplied in continuous rolls with perforations (like a roll of paper towels) at your specified interval.

Protek™ ITwrap is available on Cardboard, Foam and even Bubble Wrap. Our residue-free cohesive is self wound with no liner because it sticks only to ITself (clever, huh?).

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