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PROTEK™ Shipping Corners

LAMATEK's Protek™ Corners are an improvement from styrofoam, corrugated, wood and other sacrificial packaging methods. The corners are universally designed to fit most window profiles to help avoid expensive tooling cost and large minimum order requirements.


Protek™ Corners provide protection to the window's nailing fin and absorb multiple impacts to prevent cracking of the insulated glass unit during shipping and handling.


Protek™ corners are manufactured ready-to-use in both fused corners and 4" blocks, and are universally designed to fit most existing profiles. Just slide them right on!

The design of the nailing fin slot provides a snug fit that will allow the corners to remain tightly fastened to the window during the final phase of packaging.


Supplied loose in cartons or Gaylords.


Protek™ corners are made from an extruded 1.8 lbs/ft3 dense polyethylene foam that is flexible, water resistant, non-abrasive, and easy to handle. The foam is both re-usable and recyclable as low density polyethylene (#4) plastic.

Protek™ Your Investment!
Nobody likes broken fins!According to a recent survey, the #1 customer complaint is receiving windows that were damaged in transit. LAMATEK's Protek™ corners can save your valuable time and money by minimizing the damage that occurs during the transportation of your products to the jobsite ... And that will keep you and your customers happy!

If the Shoe Fits ... Wear It!

If the Shoe Fits ... Wear It!

  • Overall width of 3.8" fits standard window widths with minimal overhang
  • Fits nailing fins up to 1.75"
  • Step set .75" from fin accommodates "J-Channels" up to .5" high
  • Corner is 4" in length on each plane providing great protection for all sides of the window
  • The flexible Polyethylene foam will conform to the profile to evenly displace the load without sacrificing integrity
  • Available in both fused corners and 4" shipping blocks. Foam for replacement windows is also available
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