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Shipping Pads / Transportation Pads

(Also referred to as Cork Pads or Cling Pads)

To provide protection against damage during shipping and transporation. Primarily used to protect sheets of glass, but also very effective when used between windows and doors to prevent damage in shipment.

LAMATEK shipping pads are easy to apply. Simply peel the pad from the protective liner and stick to your surface. All shipping pads provide residue-free, easy removal.

Our shipping pads are provided kiss-cut in rolls on 3" core-tubes and can be cut to any size to accomodate products of various sizes, shapes and weight.

When protecting glass, LAMATEK shipping pads are made from any of the following:
  • Cork composite with an adhesive free Adherence© foam backing.
  • Cork composite with a residue free removable adhesive backing.
  • Chemically cross-linked polyethylene with Adherence© foam backing.
  • Chemically cross-linked polyethylene with a residue-free removable adhesive backing.
The typically heavy weights involved with protecting glass require the firmer cork and chemically cross-linked foam substrates.

When used to protect door and window systems in shipment, our shipping pads are made from any of the following:

  • Chemically cross-linked polyethylene with residue-free adhesive backing.
  • Cork composite with a residue-free adhesive backing.
  • Rebonded neoprene sponge with a residue-free adhesive backing.
The LAMATEK residue free adhesive backing provides a firm, yet easy to remove bond to most vinyl and painted aliminum surfaces.
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