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OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturers

OEM encompasses companies that manufacture equipment, parts and products for resale or direct sale to end users (ie: consumers). + More Info

Sounds a little broad, doesn't it? In some ways it is. OEM includes an endless number of markets ranging from electronics manufacturers to construction to commercial matting. Many of our OEM customers also fall under one of several other categories including, but not limited to:

Below, you'll find a sample of some OEM markets. You can also browse our full Product Catalog or check out our Converting Capabilities to find out how LAMATEK can help meet your product specifications and requirements.

If you don't see your business listed here, never fear! Just because we don't currently have a market specialist in place for your market, doesn't mean we don't have the right products for your application. We sell a multitude of products to many industries that do not have a specific market specialist like:

  • Consumer electronics
  • Marine
  • Medical
  • RV
  • Sporting Goods
  • Telecommunications
Our line of open and closed cell foams, rubbers and sponge meet nearly any gasket, tape, sealing, weatherstripping, bumper, shim or spacer application.

Contact us with your specific requirements. We look forward to serving you.

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Click here to download our 2014 OEM Catalog.
Market Specialists
LAMATEK carries many lines of products designed for specific market needs. If you don't see your market listed, please contact us today to see how LAMATEK can help meet your exact requirements.
LAMATEK utilizes a nationwide network of industry specific sales representatives for fast, personal service?
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