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Below is a list of the currently available downloadable documents. Simply click on the document you wish to download.

Date Title Description Document
Mar 27, 2014 Credit Application - FENESTRATION If you are a new fenestration customer ordering for the first time and would like to establish terms with LAMATEK, download and complete this form. 1395930998220.pdf
Mar 27, 2014 Credit Application - OEM If you are a new OEM customer ordering for the first time and would like to establish terms with LAMATEK, download and complete this form. 1395930969953.pdf
Feb 6, 2014 Credit Card Order Form If placing an order by credit card, please download and complete this form. 1391712872607.pdf
Aug 29, 2005 Customer Order Form If your company does not have letterhead, or does not issue formal Purchase Orders, please use this simple order form when placing orders. 1125326990866.pdf
Jan 21, 2014 Fenestration Catalog 2013 - 2014 A detailed catalog of new and existing products for the fenestration market. 1390325166295.pdf
Feb 22, 2006 French & English Fenestration Translation This page provides a rather complete translation of Fenestration related terms between French and US English. 1140625330272.pdf
Aug 7, 2006 LAMATEK Credit Policy This document describes our basic policy for credit and collections. 1154971093666.pdf
Oct 18, 2013 OEM Catalog 2013 - 2014 View our full catalog of products, markets and capabilities for OEM. 1382103009132.pdf
Dec 10, 2008 Protek Shipping Corner Universal Shipping corners For new Construction Windows Made From Non-Cross-linked Polyethylene 1228943044662.pdf
Feb 17, 2006 SDL Application Guide A handy guide on proper application and storage of Adchem SDL Muntin Tape 1140203290719.pdf
Oct 3, 2005 Self Evaluation Form The self-evaluation form provides a tool for reviewing past assignments, major accomplishments, job-related and career development goals, and other topics or problem areas. 1129123430696.doc
Nov 9, 2012 Terms and Conditions These are LAMATEK's standard terms and conditions 1352475793885.pdf

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