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Material Data Sheet

EU Series - Medium

Material: 21# High Density Urethane Foam
Description: 21# High Density Urethane Foam is a microcellular polyurethane foam for use in gasketing, vibration isolation, and shock protection.

Features: Compression set resistance, high enerby absoption, chemical resistance, low outgassing, and dimensional stability.

Applications: Gaskets and seals, cushion pads, vibraion mounts, bumpers, and mounting tapes.

Thickness: +/-10%

Technical Specifications
Physical Property U/M Test Method Value Notes
Compression Deflection PSI   10 +/- 20%
Compression Set %   <2 50% compression, 23C
Compression Set %   <8 50% compression, 70C
Compression Set %   <5 Autoclave then 50% compression, 70C
Density PCF   21  
Elongation %   >90  
Flammability   MVSS-302 Pass  
Service Temperature C   -40 to 70  
Tear Strength PLI   >7  
Tear Strength PSI   >75