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ET Series

Material: Low Density Polyether Urethane Foam
Description: Low Density Open Cell Polyether Urethane Foam is Charcoal in color. When provided in tape form, LAMATEK's Ether Foam is supplied in compressed rolls to save space and shipping costs.

Applications: weatherstripping and packaging.

R value 3.8 per inch of thickness

Technical Specifications
Physical Property U/M Test Method Value Notes
Air Permeability   QI-104 3.0 Min.
Density PCF ASTM D-3574 -95 1.15 Test A
Elongation % ASTM D3574-96 130 Min. Test D
Flammability   MVSS-302 Meets  
Indentation Force Deflection PSI ASTM D-3574-95 32 Test B1 +/-3
Tear Strength PIW ASTM D-3574-96 1.0 Min. Test F
Tensile Strength PSI ASTM D-3575-96 12 Min.

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