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EG Series - Soft

Material: Soft grade Ergonomic Foam
Description: Soft grade Ergonomic Foam

Technical Specifications
Physical Property U/M Test Method Value Notes
Compression Set % ASTM D 1056 2 50% Compression; 22 hrs. @ 73 F
Compression Set % ASTM D 1056 5 50% Compression; 22 hrs. @ 158 F
Density PCF ASTM D 3574 5.00 +/- 1.5
Elongation % ASTM D 3574 200 Minimum
Flammability   FMVSS-302 PASS At .06" or thicker only.
Flammability   FAR 25.853 (a) Appendix F Part I PASS Test at .50". FAA requires lot specific lab testing. Call for details.
Indentation Force Deflection LBS ASTM D 3574 17 +/- 5
Resiliency % ASTM D 2632 * 2  
Tear Strength PLI ASTM D 624 1.5 Minimum
Tensile Strength PSI ASTM D 3574 9 Minimum
* Ball Rebound

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