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SN Series - 70 Durometer

Material: 70 Durometer Solid Neoprene Rubber
Description: 70 Durometer Solid Neoprene Rubber features a smooth, matte finish and is available plain, or with adhesive. It can be supplied die-cut, kiss-cut, or in rolls.

BLACK in color.

Technical Specifications
Physical Property U/M Test Method Value Notes
    ASTM D2000 86e  
    SAE J200 1BC 710  
    Mil R 3065 SC710  
Durometer   Shore A 70 +/- 5
Elongation %   200  
Maximum Temperature F   170  
Minimum Temperature F   -20  
Tensile Strength PSI   1000  
Thickness   RMA See Notes .06" +/- .012"; .09" +/- .016"; .12" +/- .016"; .15" +/- .016"; .18" +/- .031"; .25" +/- .031"

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