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Material Data Sheet


Material: Double coated Rubber Based Adhesive

Applications: Designed for bonding to a wide variety of polyester urethane, polyether urethane and polyethylene foams used in gasketing, sealing and sound damping applications.

Features: Foam bonding rubber based adhesive on the unwind side. High performance rubber based adhesive on liner side. Heavy Kraft release liner.

Benefits: Ease of die-cutting and liner removability. Specially formulated unwind adhesive bonds to a wide variety of foam substrates.

Technical Specifications
Physical Property U/M Test Method Value Notes
Maximum Temperature F   125  
Minimum Temperature F   50 Application Temperature
Peel Adhesion OIW 1 minute dwell 144 Oz/Inch Width; Liner Side
Shear Strength MIN ASTC-7 10000 Minutes to fail @ 5.5lb load
Tack OIW STD-7 230 Oz./Inch Width
Thickness MIL Unwind Side Adhesive 2.0 This side used to bond to foam substrates.
Thickness MIL Carrier 0.5 PET Film
Thickness MIL Liner Side Adhesive 1.5 This is the side used in the application.
Thickness MIL Kraft Liner 4.6 80# Densified Kraft