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Material Data Sheet


Material: Double coated Rubber Based Adhesive

Applications - Ideal for applications requiring initial lamination to polyether or polyester foams and temporary removability from the user substrate.

Features - Two different rubber based adhesives coating each side of a polyester carrier. Densified Kraft release liner.

Benefits - Excellent processing and die-cutting stability.
Unwind adhesive excellent for foam bonding.
Liner side adhesive provides short term removability from most metal surfaces.

Technical Specifications
Physical Property U/M Test Method Value Notes
Peel Adhesion OIW PSTC-3 110 @ 1 minute dwell
Shear Strength MIN PSTC-7 700 Minimum Minute to failure under 5.5lbs. of load
Tack OIW STD-7 155 On Stainless Steel
Thickness MIL   0.5 PET Carrier
Thickness MIL   4.6 80# Kraft Release Liner
Thickness MIL   1.5 Unwind side adhesive
Thickness MIL   1.5 Liner side adhesive