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Material Data Sheet


Material: Removable Adhesive System
Description: Removable adhesive one side, with a permanant adhesive on the other for bonding to foam or sponge.

Applications: For use in removable or repositionable products such as gaskets, protective pads, and other temporarily bonded items.

Features: Specially designed dual adhesive system with a low adhesion removable formula on the liner side. Supplied on a densified kraft liner.

Note: Removability is dependent on application and surface conditions. User must test for suitability in their specific application.
Shelf Life: 12 Months when stored at 75F and <50% relative humidity

Technical Specifications
Physical Property U/M Test Method Value Notes
Application Temperature F   50 Minimum for best performance
Maximum Temperature F   150  
Minimum Temperature F   0  
Peel Adhesion PLI PSTC--3 0.4 Liner Side Stainless Steel - 30 Minutes
Peel Adhesion PLI PSTC-3 1.0 Liner Side Stainless Steel - 24 Hours
Shear Strength HRS PSTC-7 300 Stainless Steel - 1000 g/sq. in. @72F
Tack PSI CTM-25 .5 Liner Side
Thickness MIL   3.3 Carrier plus adhesive