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Material Data Sheet


Material: Hi-Tack Double Coated Acrylic Adhesive
Description: Applications: For use in a broad range of applications at both low and moderately high temperatures.

Features: Polyester carrier with modified acrylic ultra high tack, agressive adhesive. Supplied on 60# super calendered kraft liner.

Benefits: Resistant to oils, chemicals, oxidation, humidity, and UV. Adheres well to most low surface energy polyolefins, papers, vinyls, foam polycarbonates and metals. Excellent for extruded plastics.

Technical Specifications
Physical Property U/M Test Method Value Notes
Application Temperature F   -15 Minimum for best performance
Elongation %   100  
Maximum Temperature F   225  
Minimum Temperature F   -30  
Peel Adhesion OIW   96  
Shear Strength PSI   2.2 24 Hours
Tensile Strength PIW   7.5  
Thickness MIL   3.5