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Material Data Sheet


Material: Adherence Foam
Description: Adherence Foam is a closed cell static foam which bonds using surface energy rather than adhesive; providing a completely residue free release from glass, ceramic finishes, metal, and plastics.

Applications: Adherence Foam can be combined with cork composition or chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam as shipping pads; or can be supplied kiss-cut as an adhesive-free gasket.

Technical Specifications
Physical Property U/M Test Method Value Notes
Color     * Natural  
Compression Set % ASTM D-1667 15 MAX
Density PCF ASTM D-1667 8.5 +/- 1.4
Durometer   ASTM D2240 25 Shore 00 +/-5
Elongation % ASTM D-412 >100  
Maximum Temperature F   180  
Minimum Temperature F   -30  
Tensile Strength PSI ASTM D-412 40 MIN
Thickness IN   .06  
* Color