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SP Series

Material: 85 Durometer Solid PVC Material
Description: LAMATEK's 85 Durometer Solid PVC is specially engineered to have no effect to adhesives or glazing sealant when used in a setting block application; and is approved for use by leading sealant manufacturers.

Each grade of material is available in the following colors for easy identification:

1/16" (0.06") - White Cap or Black
3/32" (0.09") - Blue Cap or Black
1/8" (0.125") - White Cap or Black
5/32" (0.16") - Black
3/16" (0.18") - Black
1/4" (0.25") - Black

Technical Specifications
Physical Property U/M Test Method Value Notes
Adhesive Compatibility   ASTM D 413-98 Pass 72 Hrs. Exposure
Adhesive Compatibility   ASTM D413-98 (02)e1 PASS 72 Hrs Exposure
Dimensional Stability % ASTM D 1204 -0.34 Parallel Direction
Dimensional Stability % ASTM D 1204 0.014 Transverse Direction
Durometer   ASTM D 2240 85 +/- Shore A
Elongation % ASTM D 412 100 Min.
Heat Aging % ASTM D 573 -88 Ultimate Elongation Change
Heat Aging % ASTM D 573 52 Ultimate Tensile Change
Heat Aging   ASTM D 573 1 Pt. Shore A Durometer Points Change
Oil Resistance % ASTM D 471-06 <10 Volume Change
Sealant Compatibility   ASTM C1087 PASS Dow, GE and TruSeal
Tensile Strength PSI ASTM D 412 400 Min.

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