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GT Series

Material: GT Series Glazing Tape
Description: LAMATEK's GT Series Glazing Tape is used to seal glass into wood, aluminum and vinyl frames. The closed cell foam seals against air, moisture, dust and light penetration while serving to fill any irregularities in the sash extrusion. Our GT Series Glazing Tape also provides cushioning, vibration and shock absorbtion, thermal insulation, and sound deadening properties. This product also features good UV resistance.

All versions of our GT Series Glazing Tape have been AAMA* tested and approved by an independent testing lab. Copies of this approval, as well as test results, are available upon request.

*American Architectural Manufacturing Association (AAMA) 810.1-91 for Expanded Cellular Glazing Tape, Type 1.

Technical Specifications
Physical Property U/M Test Method Value Notes
Application Temperature F   50 Min.
Color     * Black and White  
Compression Deflection PSI AAMA 2.14 Test A 5.5  
Compression Deflection PSI AAMA 2.14 Test B 4.6  
Compression Set % AAMA 2.15 3.5  
Low Temp. Flexibility   AAMA 2.9.3 No Cracking  
Maximum Temperature F   220  
Minimum Temperature F   -30  
Peel Adhesion PIW AAMA 2.20 @ 32 F 12.2 Aluminum
Peel Adhesion PIW AAMA 2.20 @ 32 F 13.7 Glass
Peel Adhesion   PSTC #3 N/A No peel. Adhesvie strength greater than the internal strength of the foam.
Pump Test   AAMA 2.18 - No Displacement, No Seal Loss, No Delamination, No Cracking
Static Shear   PSTC #7 7+ Days, No Creep 500 gms/sq. in. @ 70F, no dwell to stainless steel
Tensile Adhesion % AAMA 2.19 @32 F 300 @ 77.7 psi
Tensile Adhesion % AAMA 2.19 @ 77 F 150 @ 43.2 psi
Tensile Adhesion % AAMA 2.19 @ 120 F 110 @ 35.7 psi
Thickness     .03", .06", .125"  
Thickness % AAMA 2.16 0.5  
Water Penetration % AAMA 2.17 0.0  
* Color

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