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PV Series - 7.0#

Material: 7.0# Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Foam
Description: 7.0# Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Foam is a closed cell foam ideal for use in applications requiring positive seals on irregular surfaces or when flex and conformability to seal tight radius curves are critical considerations.
7# PVC foam completely seals out air, moisture, dust and light when compressed 30% or more and absorbs shock, sound and vibration. This is a self extinguishing formulation.

Formulated to meet automotive industry specifications: General Motors 6086M-1A, Ford ESB M3G 102-A, and Chrysler MSAY 511-A, B, and C.

LAMATEK's PVC foam tapes are supplied with an Acrylic Transfer Adhesive; please contact us for information on other adhesive options.

Technical Specifications
Physical Property U/M Test Method Value Notes
    Fungi Resistance Excellent  
    Oxidation Excellent  
    Weather (Ozone) Excellent  
Application Temperature F   50 Minimum for best results
Color     * Black  
Compression Force Deflection PSI ASTM D 1667 .8  
Compression Set % ASTM D1667 4 @ 30%
Density PCF ASTM D 1667 7  
Durometer   ASTM D2240 14 Shore 00
Elongation % ASTM D412 150  
Flammability   FMVSS 302A Pass  
Maximum Temperature F   180  
Minimum Temperature F   -40  
Tensile Strength PSI ASTM D412 25  
Thermal Conductivity   ASTM C518 .27 K
Water Absorption % ASTM GTP 1.1  
* Color

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