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Material Data Sheet


Material: Hi-Performance Acrylic Transfer Adhesive
Description: This solvent based acrylic transfer adhesive has excellent temrperature and chemical resistance.

Applications include urethane foams, PVC foams, sponge rubbers, nameplates, labels, and more.

Technical Specifications
Physical Property U/M Test Method Value Notes
Heat Resistance CFM ASTM D 4498 400+ 1"x 1", 500 grams, PET
Peel Adhesion OIW PSTC 101 41 Stainless
Probe Tack gm ASTM D 2979 800 1 sec. dwell, 0.5 cm/sec
Shear Strength MIN PSTC 107 10,000+ 1"x 1", 500 grams
Thickness MIL   1.5