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SM Series

Material: SM Series Mounting Tape
Description: The SM Series Mouting Tape is a closed cell polyethylene foam with an agressive, general purpose adhesive on both sides. This adhesive bonds to most surfaces, including low surface energy materials. The foam carrier provides a gap filling function when joining uneven or irregular surfaces.

SM Series Mounting Tape is resistant to water, detergent, and alcohol; it is not recommended for use in contact with aliphatic or aromatic hydrocarbons.

Can be supplied slit into tapes, Kiss-cut, or Die-Cut.

Technical Specifications
Physical Property U/M Test Method Value Notes
Color     * White  
Elongation % ASTM D-3575 See Notes .03": MD-400, CD-400 .06": MD-450, CD-400 .12": MD-450, CD-400
Maximum Temperature F   150  
Minimum Temperature F   0  
Peel Adhesion PSI PSTC-3 **** ****Typically, the adhesion exceeds the strength of the foamin the range of 6-9 Lbs./inch
Shear   PSTC-7 ** 300+ Stainless Steel - 100 g/sp. in. @ 72F
Tensile Strength PIN ASTM D-3575 See Notes .03": MD-6, CD-5; .06": MD-450, CD-6; .12": MD-15, CD-11
* Color
** Hours to Fail

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