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Material Data Sheet

UE Series

Material: UE Series - UL Rated Ether Foam
Description: The UE Series is an acoustical grade, open cell, flexible ether foam designed to provide maximum sound abdorbtion per given thickness. This material is UL recognized as UL-94 HF-1.

Technical Specifications
Physical Property U/M Test Method Value Notes
Air Permeability   ASTM-C522 .6 - 2.2 Exhaust Capacity (SCFM-M3/Min.)
Color     * Charcoal  
Compression Set % ANSC/ASTM-D3574 Test D 10 Max @ 50% Deflection
Density PCF ANSC/ASTM-D3574 Test A 2.0 +/- 2
Elongation % ANSC/ASTM-3574 Test E 90 minimum
Flammability   FAR.853(b) PASS  
Flammability   SAEJ-369(b) PASS  
Flammability   UL-94 HF-1  
Maximum Temperature F   228  
Minimum Temperature F   -45  
Pore Size PPI   60 +/-10
Tear Resistance PIN ANSC/ASTM-D3574 Test F 1.1 Minimum
Tear Strength PSI ANSC/ASTM-D3574 Test E 19 +/-3
Thermal Conductivity BTU ASTM C-177 .25  
* Color