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LB Series

Material: LB Series Polyurethane Bumpers
Description: LB Series Polyurethane Bumpers are used in many applications: cabinet doors and drawers to cushion the close, in the Electronics Industry under computers, desktop calculators, keyboards, telephones and speakers to prevent vibration, skidding or marring surfaces, under glass tabletops to prevent them from moving, behind picture frames to prevent marring the walls, and under cutting boards to prevent skidding, as well as in many other uses.

LB Series Bumpers are provided with a pressure sensitive adhesive, kiss cut on pads.

Standard colors are Black and Clear, with Brown, White, and Grey available upon request.

Technical Specifications
Physical Property U/M Test Method Value Notes
Abrasion Resistance     * 0.016 g/1000 Cycles Tabor H18, 1kg
Application Temperature F   65-150  
Bashore Rebound %   27  
Durometer     60 - 70 SHORE A
Elongation %   192  
Maximum Temperature F   300  
Minimum Temperature F   -40  
Peel Adhesion OIW PSTC-3 64  
QUV     Slight Yellowing 500 Hours
Static Shear   ASTM D 3654 500+ Hrs PSTC-07 A
Tear Strength PLI   214  
Tensile Strength PSI   627  
* g/1000 Cycles Tabor H18, 1kg

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