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Foam & Rubber Gaskets

Custom Foam Gaskets by LAMATEK

LAMATEK is a leading manufacturer of foam gaskets and seals for Window & Door, HVAC, Lighting, RV, Marine, Electrical, Construction, OEMs, and more. We provide complete, high quality, gasketing solutions at an affordable price from a wide range of stocked materials. With over 34 years of experience manufacturing custom gaskets and seals, LAMATEK provides the highest quality parts and service. Our experienced team of technical experts offers complete in-house tool and die capabilities to minimize lead times and get your foam gaskets delivered to you in record time.

LAMATEK's foam gaskets and seals are available with or without adhesive backing and can be kiss cut on a roll liner or die cut into individual pieces.


Polyethylene Foam Gaskets
Polyethylene Foam Gaskets Economical choice for low temperature, low pressure foam gaskets that do not require resealing or will be replaced anytime the seal is broken. LAMATEK also stocks FDA approved polyethylene foam.

Neoprene Sponge Gaskets & Seals
Low pressure gaskets where the seal will remain intact or require limited resealability. Neoprene gaskets work well for water, gas and oil sealing applications.

PVC Foam Gaskets
Provides similar sealing properties to neoprene but with greater resealing ability. PVC foam gaskets are ideal for low-pressure gasketing that requires frequent resealing (like the opening and closing of a door, window, or hatch) or low compression force.

Cork/Rubber Gaskets
Low to medium pressure cork and rubber blend gaskets provide sturdy, resilient sealing and high compressibility as well as anti-slip properties and impact resistance.

HD Urethane Foam Gaskets
High density urethane is a medium pressure foam seal ideal for applications where the gaskets will be compressed down to 50% or more.

Butyl Sealing Gaskets
Self-sealing butyl gaskets conform around edges and contours to seal irregular gaps and spaces. Butyl gaskets are layered with a foam or film backing for dimensional stability.

Silicone Gaskets
Medium pressure gaskets and seals that are ideal for applications where high temperature resistance is a must.

Cellulose Fiberboard (Fish Paper) Seals & Gaskets
Excellent medium to high pressure gasket with good oil resistance.

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LAMATEK engineers solutions. Through any combination of materials, adhesives and manufacturing processes LAMATEK can create a solution for your gasket, sealing, padding, damping, filter or acoustical application.
LAMATEK is the world's leading supplier of the only muntin tape proven to work without any hazardous silane pre-treatments?
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