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Custom Gaskets

LAMATEK supplies open and closed cell gaskets for a variety of end uses and budgets. We can provide effective gasketing solutions for nearly any requirement. From high temperature silicone gaskets to high pressure vegetable fiber (fish paper) gaskets and low-cost PVC or polyethylene foam gaskets, we have the products you need, in inventory for quick turn-around.

Not only do we stock a complete line of foam and sponge materials, we use state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment. Our 4-post hydraulic kiss-cutting machinery provides consistent cut depth and dimensional quality at very high production speeds. This equates to lower cost finished goods for you with fewer returns. Our heat assisted laminators provide consistent foam-tear adhesive bonds for gaskets that require self-adhesive backing. And with in-house tooling capabilities, revision changes are fast and inexpensive.

Have a unique gasketing application where a flat gasket can't meet your requirements? Our extrusion or foam profiling capabilities my be able to provide an effective solution.

LAMATEK has been providing gasketing solutions for over 15 years. We have built a large inventory for nearly any foam requirement, allowing us to respond more quickly than the competition. And our in-house tooling and design capabilities make us a logical choice for your next prototype requirement.

Our standard product line includes, but is not limited to, the following materials:

Polyethylene Foam
Economical choice for low temperature, low pressure gaskets that do not require resealing, or can be replaced anytime the seal is broken.

Neoprene Sponge
Good for low pressure gaskets that require limited resealability. Works well in water, gas and oil applications.

PVC Foam
Provides similar gasketing capabilities to neoprene but with a greater resealing ability. Excellent for low-pressure gaskets that require resealing or gaskets that require a low compression force.

Good low to medium pressure gasket.

HD Urethane Foam
Good medium pressure gasket where compression of the installed gasket is 50% or greater.

Good medium pressure gasket where high temperature resistance is a must.

Cellulose Fiberboard (Fish Paper)
Excellent medium to high pressure gasket with good oil resistance.

Specialty Gaskets:

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Solution Engineers
LAMATEK engineers solutions. Through any combination of materials, adhesives and manufacturing processes LAMATEK can create a solution for your gasket, sealing, padding, damping, filter or acoustical application.
LAMATEK is the world's leading supplier of the only muntin tape proven to work without any hazardous silane pre-treatments?
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