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Foam mounting tapes are use to either permanent or temporarily mount two surfaces together or bond them together without the use of mechanical fasteners (like bolts, rivets, etc.). Typical examples include:

  • Permanent or Temporary Sign Mounting
  • Boat Trim
  • Molding
  • POP Displays
  • Gasketing
  • Sealing
  • Window Mulling
  • Automotive Trim
LAMATEK provides two grades of mounting tapes, our SureMount Double-coated Polyethylene Mounting Tapes and our new High Performance Mounting Tape by AFTC, USA.

SureMount Mounting Tapes
Our SureMount© line of double coated polyethylene foam mounting tapes provide excellent short to medium term bonding to a wide variety of surfaces. It is economical and effective and comes in black or white foam core with acrylic adhesive (for outdoor or high temperature applications over 200°) or rubber-based adhesive (for indoor applications or less extreme temperature conditions).

High Performance Tapes
High Performance Tapes by AFTC, USA are our line of acrylic foam core, high strength mounting tapes. They utilize an acrylic foam core for added strength and durability, along with a very aggressive acrylic based adhesive that is designed for high tack, high shear and excellent durability.
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Solution Engineers
LAMATEK engineers solutions. Through any combination of materials, adhesives and manufacturing processes LAMATEK can create a solution for your gasket, sealing, padding, damping, filter or acoustical application.
LAMATEK is the world's leading supplier of the only muntin tape proven to work without any hazardous silane pre-treatments?
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